Agendas and Minutes

The City Council Meeting Agendas are posted at City Hall the Friday prior to any Council Meeting.  The City Council shall hold regular meetings on the second and fourth Mondays of each month with the exception of the months of July, August and December wherein there shall be one meeting per month.  The July meeting is held on the third Monday of the month.  August and December meetings are held on the second Monday of the month. 
Council Meetings that fall on a holiday date are canceled.  If at any meeting, a quorum (being six councilmen present) is not met the meeting shall stand adjourned until the next regular or special meeting.  Special Council Meetings may be called from time to time by the Mayor or by any four Councilmen. 
The City Council Meeting Minutes shall be recorded by the City Clerk and maintained as a permanent record of the City. 

Current Agendas and Minutes of the City Council can be found by clicking this link.  City Council records prior to 2014 are available by clicking this link.