Upcoming Special Events

  1. Fishing Derby
  2. Concert in the Park
  3. Parking Lot Bingo
  4. Overland Senior Luncheon

“Reel it in!” The fish are hungry and they are ready to play, so the City of Overland is partnering with the City of St Ann to continue with our Fishing Derby this year as Wild Acres Lake undergoes renovations.

The Fishing Derby will take place on June 10th in St. Ann’s Tiemeyer Park at Gendron Lake from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. This event will be free to all kids between the ages of 3 – 16 years old AND seniors 62+.

Pre-registration begins on May 19th through June 9th and can be done at the Overland Community Center or at the St Ann Community Center. Be one of the first 200 pre-registered participants to receive a free goody bag onsite. Don't forget to bring along new and used sports equipment (cleats, bats, gloves, etc...) to donate to STL Youth who are also partnering with us this year. Catch the big fish by pre-registering today!

Download and Share our Overland/St Ann Fishing Derby 2023 Flyer today!

For more information, call 314-428-0490, 314-429-4545, or email ParksandRec@overlandmo.org 

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