Upcoming Special Events

  1. Overland Outdoor Light Display Contest
  2. Overland Kids Christmas Basket Delivery Event

Are you interested in competing for the BEST Outdoor Christmas Light Display in Overland for 2020? Then enter your house in the City of Overland Christmas Light Display Contest and win cash prizes. Up to 25 applications will be accepted this year! All entries will be judged on December 18, 19, and 20 between the hours of 6-10 pm each night. Voters will submit their votes electronically through the City’s Website and winners will be announced by Christmas! 

Those interested in entering the contest will need to submit a contest entry application via:

  • Mail to:  Overland Community Center, Attn: Light Contest, 9225 Lackland Road, Overland, MO 63114
  • Email to: Subject: Light Contest Application, ErinW@overlandmo.org

All applications must be received by Dec 15th, 2020 in order to qualify. Entries are restricted to Overland residential houses only at this time. 

Enter the contest today by downloading our application: Overland Outdoor Christmas Light Display Contest 2020

To participate in judging houses, please go to www.overlandmo.org and scroll to the bottom of the page under the “News Flash” tab for a link to the online judging site on each date of the contest - Dec 18, 19, and 20. *This link will not be available until Dec 18th after 11 am. We ask that those judging in this event remain in their vehicles at all times for COVID safety reasons.

For questions about entering the contest, please contact us at 314-780-8947.

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